Akiu Shrine


Akiu-Shrine was established in A.D. 808.
We celebrated 1,200 years' Anniversary 7 years ago.
We brought god of Suwa (famous god of victory in Japan) about 500 years ago when the age of Akiu-family.
When the era of Edo (1600-1868), Akju-family belonged to Date-family as one of the most important retainers. The famous general, Masamune-Date, came to Akiu often taking Akiu-Hot-Spring and enjoying views.foods of Akiu-area.
In 1872, Akiu-Shrine was appointed as central shrine of Akiu-area which togethered 7 shrines and we celebrated 100 years Anniversary 6 years ago.
Every year, we Have a lot of festivals as follows: New Year (Jan.), Parting of season (Feb.) Harvest (Sep. 15), New Year's Eve (Dec. 31), etc.

Why Akiu-Shrine is "god of Victory”?

It is said Japanese people has 8-million gods which came from nature (sun, moon, tree, stone, sea, river, mountain, valley etc.), ancestors, respectable-persons of Japan. (cf : It is said ancient Roman people has 3-hundred-thousand gods.)
Akiu-Shrine has 12-gods and one of then is god came from Suwa-Shrine which is one of famous god of Victory in Sengoku-Era (before Edo-Era) in Japan.
Generals always visited Suwa-Shrine before battles and gained victories many many times. In modern Japan, we follow generals' examples.
Recently we made understanding of victory not only battles but also victory for life, health, competition, exam, love and any occasion.